My Name is Jeff Dixon and I’m the Owner of The House of Garb Custom Printing.

I have over 20 years of experience in the printing industry.

My Printing journey started in high school in 1995 when I decided to take a graphics and

Printing Vocational course during High school.

I always wanted to do something artistic as a career but never knew what it may be,

I fell in love with printing pretty quickly.

In 1998 my 1st printing job was with Offset printing (business cards, Letterheads, etc.)

It didn’t take long for the printing industry to go from more mechanical machine printing,

to Digital printing. I took my 1st job as a large format Digital Printer in 2010.

as I worked for many different printing companies and many different types of

printing they offered, I found myself dreaming of opening a Screen printing T-shirt shop of my own.

It was just a dream but I always thought it would be cool.

in 2018 I decided to stop dreaming and took the leap to make my dream come true.

I bought a few small pieces of equipment that would fit into a small room.

I worked a day job and filled my printing orders at night.

After about a year, I was able to purchase more equipment but I didn't have the room.

My family was quickly Outgrowing our rented home in Columbus, Ohio, So we decided to

Purchase a home that would also accommodate my business. and so we moved to our new home in

Washington Court House, Ohio. I am now quickly out Growing my new shop that takes up

the entire basement of my home. I still love printing as much as I did in high school but

I’ve learned a lot along the way. I love taking someone's idea and turning it into a printed product.

I would hope that you too can trust in me to make your idea’s come to life by choosing my Company

to print your apparel, promotional items, and signs!

- Jeff Dixon (The House of Garb)

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